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We Program Android tv with pre-loaded KODI and Ship to your Home! No Complicated Technical Setup!

Let the Experts Setup the Perfect Movie Streaming Device for you.

Included: Quad Core Android TV box, KODI with Movie/TV Show streaming addons + Live TV Apps

Check Out Our Live Demo Video Below!

Quad Core Android TV + Fully Loaded KODI/XBMC
With 1000+ Addons to Stream Movies

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Pre-Installed XBMC/KODI Addons Added !426d5d9155c35c44e66980c4187f6bab



  • Installed KODI addons

  • Save money !

  • Indepth Instructions on How to use and Stream movies

  • Stream Movies

Running the Latest


Over 1067+ Pre-Installed VIDEO ADDONS for KODI

No Setup, No Hassle, Plug and Play Home Streaming Systems. We take care of all the technical setup and provide you with the most awesome streaming setup you can imagine!

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Angelo Torres

Thanks so much for your support. With your help each day we are developing a better software for everyone. Better streaming, Better Movies, More Live TV.
Stay Tuned!

Angelo Torres,

No Setup, No Hassle, Plug and Play Home Streaming Systems. We take care of all the technical setup and provide you with the most awesome streaming setup you can imagine!

30 Day Money Back Guaranteed

If at any point you are not satisfied with your new android tv, you can return it back, no questions asked. With support from paypals buyer back guarantee program, you can be asured you will be refunded. Thank you for your support, Lets stream!

Pros :
- You get a pretty powerful box for the price, which can be rather overkill if you're only running XBMC (Which is now known as Kodi)
- Box is small and elegant. You won't have to hide it behind your TV (And if you do, you'll probably end up losing remote-controller signal because you need line-of-sight to use it).
- Android Software! You can install just about anything as if it was a cellphone and most of it is going to work. Some of the apps will resize the screen but most of them (Facebook, Firefox and some games too) will take full screen. I was even able to install HearthStone and get it to run just fine !
- Most of what you'll need comes pre-installed. You'll need to update to latest firmware (My box came with 1.0, had to update to 1.2.1 which was easy).

- ATragicEnding

Well this is by far the best box I have ever owned , My last one being the MX2 and this is much quicker , better Kodi experience , 1080p playback is awesome Been a few days now and has not crashed once ,no remote problems either I've owned Apple 2 ,RokuBoxee,Gbox MX2 and like i said ..this is the best so far ......does not come rooted but I rooted mine to run droidmote , mine came with HDMI cable ,no battery's for remote ..............definitely recommend this powerfull little box !!

- Don Ball

Super fast little box to use Kodi (XBMC) to watch my tv shows and movies, works fantastic. As others have stated you must be familiar with the XBMC platform or you will get frustrated with it, I have been using XBMC for 2 years now and I'm still learning stuff. There are tons of videos on You Tube to help you set up any streaming box, 2 good guys are SupaChargedios and HushamMemar they have great info on set ups and problems. When you first get the box you need to update Matricom firmware to version 1.2.1 done right on the box when you plug it in easy breezy, then you need to go to Google play store and update new version of Matricom media centre. Once the updates are done and you are on the Kodi homepage you need to install (has the tool wizard to keep your system clean) and (has hubwizard to install config wizard) the config wizard is a one button setup to add the latest version of Kodi on the system you are using. These 2 add ons will save you hours of programming and you will be able to install all your favourite repositories (primewire, icefilms, navi-x) as they are preloaded, again check out You Tube. Others have stated the remote does not work, it works fine, it is kind of cheaply made though. A keyboard and mouse will aid you greatly during the setup phase and they are easily hooked up to the box. Very happy with the performance of this box and only use it for Kodi have not checked out the other features, don't care, I have laptops, tablets and a desktop for everything else I need my concern was saying bye bye to the monthly cable bill and I have not looked back.

- Patrick Houlihan

Our Android Movie box allows users to stream movies and tv shows using the KODI open source software. The box comes Fully loaded with the KODI software with a few pre-installed addons like YouTube & Facebook. The Kodi box ( codi) comes pre installed on an Android TV box the allows quality streaming of movies. Our boxs are considered unlocked android tv boxs that have some of the most popular addons programmed on our android box. Our Android boxs are some of the best Movie streaming boxs on the market.

Our Android tv box comes pre loaded with KODI addons in a fast quad core android tv set top box. If you are looking for a fully programmed Kodi Movie streaming android tv box, Order our Movie box now, We Ship all around the world, from Canada to USA.


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